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Place a Contact Form on Your Typo3 Web Site

Staying in touch with the visitors to your Typo3 website is easy by embedding a contact form into your website. We've outlined the steps for creating a contact form below.

1. Build Your Form Code

To get started, create the form code HTML using a free service like myContactForm.com. You can read how to do this here.

2. Login to the Typo3 Administration Area

a. Go to your Typo3 web site and login to the administration panel.

Login to your Typo3 account

3. Create a New Page and Embed the Form HTML

Below we are outlining the steps for adding an email form to a new page. Note that you could use a very similar process to add an email form to an already existing item.

a. Click Page under the Web heading in the left control panel

Click Page

b. Click Create New Page Icon

Click the Create New Page Icon

c. Select what position you would like to insert the new page

d. Fill in the information for your new page

Fill out the page information

e. Click the Save Document icon

Click the Save Document Icon

f. Open the page you just created by clicking it's name under the site branch diagram.

Click the New Page

g. Click the New Content Element Icon

Click the New Content Element Icon

h. Under Special Elements select Plain HTML

Under Special Elements Select Plain HTML

i. Paste the form HTML into the HTML Code box (CTRL+V or Right Click and Select Paste).

Insert the Form HTML code

j. Click the Save Document icon

Click the Save Document Icon

4. Send a Test Submission Through

Open a web browser and go to the web page containing your form. Fill out the form and press the submit button to test it.