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Use Microsoft Frontpage to Build a Contact Form

Using Microsoft Frontpage to add an email form to your website can be accomplished quickly and without too much work. The steps for doing this are outlined below.

1. Design and Prepare Contact Form Code

First off, please spend a few moments to generate your form HTML code. myContactForm.com (a free email form service) can be used to do this quickly and is outlined in the tutorial, here.

2. Open Frontpage

Start Microsoft Frontpage as you would normally do.

3. Create or Open the Page Where you Want the Form

a. To create a new page, go to File > New (or press CTRL+N)

b. To open the page where you want the form to be, go to File > Open (or press CTRL+O)

4. Add the Form HTML to Your File

a. Using your mouse, move your cursor to the spot on the page where you would like the form.

Select Form Location

b. Paste the form HTML into the code. In Frontpage you must do this by selecting Edit > Page Special.

Paste Special

c. A new Paste Special window will open. Select HTML Format and then click OK.

HTML Format

5. Save your Form

a. Select File > Save (or CTRL+S)

6. Upload Your Form to Your Web Server

Upload the file containing your form to your web server. This procedure will vary depending on whether you are using an external FTP client or Frontpage's built-in client.

7. Make Sure the Form Works

Open a web browser and go to the web page containing your form. Fill out the form and press the submit button to send a test submission through.

We've created a sample email form created using Microsoft Frontpage which can be seen here.