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Export Email Form Data to Excel

myContactForm.com has an innovative Message Center which allows you to not only read and reply to your form submitted data, but also to export it in Excel format. Additionally, form data may be exported in Comma Separated, Tab Delimited, Text, Word, HTML, PDF, or mySQL database formats.

The tutorial below assumes that you have already built a form within the myContactForm.com software. This is quite easy to do. You my read a tutorial for creating a basic email form here.

1. Export Your Form Data in Excel Format

a. Go to myContactForm.com

b. Enter your login information and click Login

c. Click Message Center Buttonunder the Control Panel

d. Click Export Messages under the Control Panel

Export Message Button

e. Follow the dialogue to configure what form, data, and format your would like to export the data to.

Export Configuration

f. Click Export Data Button

After clicking the Export Data button you will be prompted to save the exported data to your computer.