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Insert a Contact Form into Your Facebook Profile

Adding an email form to your Facebook profile is a valuable tool for allowing your visitors to contact you directly as well as provide you with other types of data. Luckily, this is a fairly easy process and is outlined in the tutorial below.

Our sample form hosted on Facebook can be seen here.

1. Start Building Your Email Form Code

Before getting started, you should first design the form, and generate the HTML code that you'll be using. There are a lot of form services out there to help you with this, and myContactForm.com is one of the best. You can read a tutorial for doing this here.

2. Open a Web Browser and go to Facebook.com

a. Login to your Facebook account


Facebook Login

3. Add the Static HTML App to Your Page

a. Click the Edit Page button

b. In the search box type Static HTML and then click the result that says Static HTML: iframe tabs

Static HTML

c. Click the Add Static HTML to a Page and then Add Static HTML: iframe tabson the next page that loads.

Add Static HTML

d. You will be taken back to your main Facebook page.

4. Insert the Form HTML Code

a. Under the left panel of your Facebook page you will see a new tab labeled Welcome


b. Click Welcome. This will bring up options to embed your form HTML.

c. Click the Enter your content here box and paste the form HTML into the Window (Edit > Paste, or CTRL+V, or Right Click and Select Paste).


d. Click the Save Changes button.

e. To change the name of the tab from Welcome to something more appropriate click Edit Info when you are on your page to bring up the admin settings. Select Apps from the left sidebar. Then under the Static HTML app (look for the star icon) click Edit Settings. There will be an option to type in a custom name for your tab there.